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Your Pet's Health

We are pleased to welcome you and your pet to Lincvet and to provide you with this online guide to assist you in caring for your pet throughout its life. The contents include information on the many veterinary services we are able to provide and general advice on most of the main issues affecting the health and welfare of your pet.


Our aim is to provide the best possible healthcare and treatment for companion animals in a friendly and supportive environment. We are as concerned to prevent disease or spot it early, as we are to treat problems when they occur.


The prime message of this guide is to emphasise the importance of bringing your pet to us for the annual vaccination booster which includes a complete physical examination and health check. This is an important opportunity for you to discuss routine health issues such as worming, flea control, dental care, diet and any other health worries you have experienced with your pet over the previous twelve months.


If your pet has passed middle age, please ask us about routine health screening for older pets. Modern technology has enabled us to perform these tests in our own laboratory rapidly, accurately and at a very reasonable cost. Whilst we always hope to report a clean bill of health these tests can sometimes reveal significant problems developing in an apparently healthy pet.