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Final Care


In many elderly pets' lives there comes a point at which, despite everyone’s best efforts, their quality of life becomes too poor for them to continue. At this time a decision has to be made to bring their lives to an end in order to prevent them suffering. Making this decision is always going to be difficult even when an animal is clearly very ill.


In all cases if you are considering this course of action you should make an appointment to discuss it with us first. Not everything is as bad as it seems and a problem shared very often can be a problem halved.


Please tell the receptionist the reason for making your appointment, we usually endeavour to make such appointments when we will not be busy. Then we will have more time to discuss things with you and hopefully you will not be kept waiting in a crowded room full of people and pets.


Another question you will have to face at this difficult time is what to do with your pet's remains. It is often extremely difficult to make a decision of this nature at a time of great emotional upheaval. However it is possible, especially in the case of an elderly pet, to consider the question beforehand. We are always available to give advice and help you in this matter. The main options available to you are; burial at home or cremation. The pet crematorium is able to offer two levels of service; simple cremation without return of your pet's ashes or cremation with return of your pet's ashes in an appropriate urn or wood casket.


Finally it is important to know that it is normal, acceptable and healthy to grieve for the loss of a pet that you have loved and cared for over the years. Every one who works at Lincvet knows and respects this, not least because we have pets of our own.