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Pet Health Club

The Pet Health Club is a great way to spread the cost of preventative healthcare for your pet while saving you money. It covers all your pet’s essential routine health care in a budgeted monthly payment. More importantly, all members can enjoy great savings on products and services keeping your pet happy and healthy.


By joining the scheme, you and your pet can enjoy the following benefits and more


Benefits Include:

  • Vaccination Course or Booster

  • Kennel Cough Vaccination

  • 2nd Healthcheck at 6 months

  • All year Worm Treatment

  • All year Flea Treatment (Annual Flystrike for rabbits)

  • Cost Price Food>(non prescription)

  • Annual Urine Test**

  • Nail Clipping*

  • Microchip or £10 voucher (one per plan)

  • 50% off Retail Cost of First Bag of Food^ (one per plan)

  • 25% off Prescription Food

  • 10% off Dentistry & Pet Passports

  • 10% off Pet Shop Sales & Geriatric Screenings


*Nail Clipping only available at point of healthcheck (ie twice per annum).

**Urine test covers Katkor but not cystocentesis or catheterisation.

^Based on retail cost of food. Up to 4kg.

>Subject to availablity. To be eligible for the cost price food, members must pay for the food prior to

the practice ordering it. The food will then be available to collect, provided it is in stock, on the next working day.


Plus You will get:


20% OFF Selected Lifetime Care Medications and Neutering


100% OFF Direct Claims Administration Fee

Ask for details at any of our branches.



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